Beekeepers can only help with swarms of honey bee. So the first step is to identify which insects are swarming. If it is a honey bee swarm, a beekeeper will try and remove it. Please read the advice at BBKA Swarm Advice and follow the instructions.

If you find a swarm or a bee colony in the local area (West London, mainly LB Hounslow, LB Richmond upon Thames and Molsey) and require help please contact our swarm liaison 07788 632 552.

Swarm on a wall
Swarm in a bush

More Information on Swarms,

A honey bee swarm is not a nest. It is a temporary gathering of bees looking for a new home.

Between early spring and summer (mainly April to July), if bee colonies are thriving and as part of their reproduction will swarm. The old queen and up to 70% of the bees will leave the hive and look for a new home. Usually a cloud of bees can be seen circling (not normally low to the ground) that will eventually settle on a branch or wall, while they send out ‘scout’ bees to find a new home. Although harmless they can cause distress to the public.

Please note that beekeepers CANNOT help with the removal of Wasp or Hornet nests but are interested in sightings of the Asian Hornet (a non native species). If you require Wasp or Hornet nest removed please speak to your local council for a list of registered pest controllers.

Sadly we also cannot help with the removal of bumble or solitary bee nests, please see Bumblebee Conservation Trust website. Please note these nests are only occupied for 2-3 months.