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The Twickenham and Thames Valley Beekeepers Association (TTVBKA) was founded in May 1919 by a group of local enthusiasts to help households impoverished after the Great War (WW1).

We are now a charity whose aim is to educate the public in beekeeping. To meet this ideal we hold free classes for individuals, offer opportunities for group visits and welcome the general public to our annual Honey Show and Open Day events. These pages are principally intended to serve as an introduction to the Association and it is hoped they may encourage you to make contact with us to learn more about bees and bee-keeping. The association is run entirely by volunteers.

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We have 2 sites, the training Apiary in Twickenham and a members apiary in West Molsey

To view a short video of who we are and what we do click on video below.

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Between April and July we offer the opportunity for school and adult groups to visit
the apiary. Our team of volunteers will introduce groups to the life cycle, behaviour
and importance of honey bees and other pollinators. Using video presentation,
discussion, class-room activities and, to the bees themselves, when we open a hive. Find out more.

Beekeeping Courses

We run 2 main courses each year for members of the public.

  • Winter Theory Classes – 10x 2 hour sessions on Wednesday nights between January and March. Covering topics like bee anatomy, the life cycle of a bee, a year in beekeeping, diseases and bee husbandry.
  • Summer Practical – Every Friday from April to end of September. A chance to put what you have learnt on the winter course into practice. Hive inspections, identifying the different castes of bees, swarm control etc.

In addition we run courses to help members pass British Beekeeper Association qualifications in Apiculture.

For more Information click Courses.

Public Events

The Association holds 2 open day events, our Open Day (June) and the Honey Show (1st Sunday in October). Sadly, due to the Corona virus pandemic these events will not be held in 2020.

On August Bank Holiday Monday, we run the Twickenham Honey Market for our members to sell their own honey. This year it will held on 31st August between 12:00 – 16:00 but will be a reduced event due to social distancing rules.

We also have stands at local fairs and markets, for a list of upcoming events click here.

We are also planning on hosting public talks by experts on planting for pollinators, Honey and solitary bees and other factors that may effect honeybees and other pollinators.

For more information click link to Public events.


Where to buy local Honey.


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